Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wargaming with Barks: Leviathan 2014

I don't usually link up to other people's blogs, but this post from Wargaming with Barks: Leviathan 2014: in Sydney, Australia adds to one of my great mysteries.  The third pic down is this one, reproduced here for effect:

This picture of the Teddy Bears painted in a toy soldier finish is great, but the caption beneath it intrigued me more:  "Seven Years Picnic from MBD"

This just adds another layer of confusion to the status of the Teddy Bears.  MBD is Mike Broadbent Designs, the scultptor and owner of the figs.  Was he selling them in Australia?  Was this just a display (I see Romans next to them)?  I just want to know the status of these little guys, and who I can buy them from in the states, should I buy a winning lottery ticket tonight and catch up on all my back burner projects.

Anyone know what's going on?


  1. Ha Ha my teddies have gone International. And no I am not the talented Mike but I am Aussie who appreciates his work. Not sure of your knowledge of these but they were original Australian designed and marketed and my guess was America was the secondary company marketing them although I dont know anything about The US connection other than its reciprocal arrangement.

    I have "read" they have been sold on to another manufacturer or person but believe they have gone to ground. Their future not disclosed as of the time of Leviathan when I was investigating Teddies.

    I own these and had them on Display on my trade stand at Leviathan..I have a fledgling vintage figure/New Old Stock business and always have a stand at Leviathan as well as ran a participation game. Being a retired club Life member I always help out with a game.

    These I bought off a friend of mine whose colonial building construction work I have collected over a 20 or so year period when i was lucky enough to stumbled on them. Having sold me many of his bits recently and always finalising deals quickly he gave me first offer on these and asked if Id like to buy them to resell them. Damn fell in love with them and so far I have resisted the temptation to sell and had these as eye candy for my stand knowing full well they would be out of Leviathans buying limits [but at the time if a good offer came it would be considered]. Its good to have hard to find items just as teasers on your stand.

    As well there is an equal sized half finished army to combat them. My intention is to finish all off and rebase them for Rank And File rules.

    The only mystery to Teddies is if the new owner of the rights is going to release them..as is the fate of many ranges ..change of ownership can make a figure range disapear for years. One of the reasons I have also not wanted to part with them. I am a collector formost the business only gives me an excuse to collect.

  2. It looks as if your information matches my information. I do know that Eureka USA officially blew out all existing stock of the Teddy Bears at Historicon this month here in the States.

    I dislike the transfer of ranges and lines to the Nth degree. Olley, from Olley's Armies, loves to sell off lines of his Scrunts when he feels he's finished with them, Unfortunately, his page linking his former sculpts to the new owners is full of "No Web Page" and websites that haven't added the product. I've got enough to play with my girls, but the option to buy more is always preferred.


  3. Agree when a line is passed on will it appear again..hopefully these will as its interest is obviously far reaching.

    Fortunately with these i have enough for 2 armies and need not chase anymore so can game with these once i finish off the second army..

    good luck if you do seek future purchases.

    cheers from dowmunder