Thursday, May 1, 2014

Campaign Option Musings

Despite chaos at work and home, and a good chance that I need to train to run a 5k dressed as a gnome, my gamer ADHD has struck again.  Perusing IrishSerb's Miniature Adventures, he shows a map of his campaign, and it's so ridiculously simple, I'm kicking myself.

Just the idea of different movement points between towns (and different for different unit types) somehow blows my mind.   It may make some late Summer celebration of the Gnomish Great War run a little different, although I'm still running the SkirmishElite Rommel Campaign to start it off.

Another tool I'm tinkering with is the Campaign set-up on TMP.  It's more geared towards Warhammer Fantasy and similar Ancients to Medieval era rules, but it does mix up terrain and unit point cost enough to make things different.  I haven't started had a pick-up game with the kids recently, due to the chaos, but once I get the first map on the table, this looks like a great thing to build a theme around.  Perhaps I can even tie it in with IrishSerb's map style, mixing player strategized battles, with unintended skirmishes (A lot of the randomly generated boards have BIG water sections, which may force "lost" units to fight.

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