Thursday, May 8, 2014

(Kickstarter) 28mm Modular Gladiator Arena & Accessories

As I was cleaning up my desk at work yesterday, I found a copy of the Old Glory catalog and started going through it.   Sorry, no earth-shattering revelations to be made, except some may notice the Voynuk Infantry added to my Want List.  I'm no where near starting my Wizard of Oz project, but it doesn't mean I can't watch the movies with my kids while painting some Winkies.

Again, no great surprises perusing the book:  I might want to look into accumulating Spanish-American and Boxer Rebellion figs, maybe a few WWI vehicles, and perhaps seeing how cost-effective it would be to convert my Battle of Yellowstone from gnomes to normal figures.  Who wouldn't want to paint 20+ buffalo in 25mm?

Then I hit the Gladiator section in the back and my scheming was awoken from its long slumber.  Gladiator games are quick, easy, and with the right environment, fun for the whole family.  I still have a pile of figures hiding in a box somewhere.  It's a long-range goal of mine to get this set up.

Then this shows up this morning. 
I'm a huge fan of this, even though the 10-piece set, with shipping from England is going to run almost $180.  With the modular sections and the different pdf playmats they're offering, I can imagine a nice campaign (league?) wandering around the arenas of the Roman World.  Tempting, but I've got much bigger fish to fry right now at home.

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