Friday, May 2, 2014

Miskatonic University Podcast Indiegogo Campaign

I spent my evening doing household chores, bathing kids, and perusing the contents of a long forgotten steamer trunk, all while listening to the latest episode of the Miskatonic University Podcast.  The one reason it's the sole remaining podcast I listen to for any stretch of time is that I feel comfortable with the hosts and their format so much, that even if I need to wash dishes or yell at the kids and miss a section, I can get myself up to speed rather quickly.  I could not hear large chunks of their bit on strange Melanesian cults, as well as their main topic, a continuing discussion from a previous episode that I missed dealing with cults and their interaction with the real world, even if it conflicts with Mythos canon, and how that canon was meant to be fooled around with.  Despite that, what I did hear was great stuff, I may even listen to it again,but I don't I'll have the chance before the next episode comes out.

One thing they announced that just came live on Thursday is their Indiegogo campaign to help fund their trip to GenCon and improve upon the show's infrastructure.   Here's the breakdown.

#1 $1,000 towards expenses for the hosts to make it GenCon and finally meet each other after two years of podcasts!

#2  Any additional funds raised will go to website maintenance and improvements.

#3  Any remaining money will go to hardware upgrades to improve the overall quality of the show.

Without even checking the pledge levels, rewards, etc, I threw twenty bucks their way.  Why?  Because this is exactly what the crowdfunding technique is meant for. Not three million dollar Reaper minis giveaways, or even Steve Jackson realizing is ultimate OGRE fantasy, but supporting small companies, groups, and individuals reach like-minded dreams and not worrying if you're getting  147% return on your "investment." Outside of possibly hearing a podcast or two of the group reporting from GenCon, I expected nothing in return.  They're good guys making a quality product and I don't mind throwing a couple of bucks their way to continue something I enjoy.

That being said, the rewards are perfect for the project:  Audio books/stories read by the hosts, a few scenarios, actual play audio not on the website, a few nice pieces from Cryptocurium for the high end pledges, and even opportunities to play CoC with the crew at GenCon!

The stretch goals are also low key, and easy to deliver: artwork, more audio, and if they reach 100 supporters, they'll start releasing floorplans in pdf.  Not ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag, but I wouldn't expect these guys to try something idiotic like that.

On only day one they're only $50 short of hitting their primary goal, with only 11 supporters.  If 10% of their 1,200 listeners pledges a few dollars, I believe this could be far more successful that they imagined in their dreams.

Next:  A review of a podcast I don't particularly like.  Why Save or Die! failed theirs.

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