Friday, May 23, 2014

What a World, What a World....

Another insane week of the real world.  I'm hoping to post some details shortly, but as someone told me yesterday, "It's incredibly hard to find someone who just wants to do their job."   So, while I finish this during my break so I can attempt to get some work done...

The wife works the whole weekend, so I'm hoping for some games with the kids.  We'll see how that goes, but things look positive thus far.  At least one of the games I'm shooting for is gnome-only (no princesses or Fisher-Price Little People).

Maja turned five earlier this month and we had her "big party" again at Knoebels.  We snagged pizza on the way in for everyone and got all the kids the requisite bag of useless party favor junk and a day pass to the park.  This year, Maja finally reached the milestone height of 42", and after a long drawn out afternoon of her and her "little" friends on the kiddie rides, I abducted her and took the last hour to get her on not one, but two wooden roller coasters.   For the Phoenix, she was a bit light to share a car with Dad and a single lap bar, so a well placed arm kept her from bouncing a bit too high.  On the Twister, the single seat lap bar kept her locked it tight for a far wilder coaster.   Good news is that she love both times (although Space Mountain is still her favorite), so it's confirmed that I finally have a coaster buddy.

I also managed to swing by my new FLGS and felt relieved (or disturbed) to discover the more things change in the distribution channels, the more things stay the same.  The great news is that one of my books got through the system, so I am mere pages into Secrets of Tibet.    The review might take awhile to show up here, but 15 pages in and it's a completely different animal than Canis Mysterium.  I'm pleased I ordered it on a whim.

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