Monday, June 23, 2014

A Wedding to Measure... for the Charge!

Not much on the gaming front this weekend.  The girl's dance recital on Sunday... and dance recital rehearsal on Saturday morning took up the big chunk of the household chore scheduled, meaning things got mixed around a LOT.  I don't remember if I ever feel asleep during a public presentation before, but the second half of the recital, after my girls did their little performance made me snooze, and it had all the Frozen numbers in it that I automatically start humming as a brainwashed dad.

Mrs Viscount and I hit a wedding reception on Saturday afternoon for one of her coworkers.  The table favors were the surprise of the day: tape measures!

 Alas, it was a hit with the 80 or so other attendees, as I could only pocket my wife's and mine.  Th is is contrary to my wife, who stole an entire table of no-shows' champagne.  Needless to say, I drove home that evening.

We also had an appearance by The Admiral...
Always Outranks a Captain!
 And SOME people got goofy with the chair covers *whistles*

Which my friends quickly turned into something more inspiring.

Thanks, Phil!
As a whole, the staff at the Genetti's in Hazleton was fast, effecient, friendly, and everything I ate/drank there was delicious!  I was nervous going there, as I've frequented the Wilkes-Barre location for about a half-dozen weddings and a few work functions and the  had the feel of multiple assembly line receptions going on at once, which  is how they make their money.

The only thing I did manage to do this weekend was finally bring some stuff down to the Kriget Rum (Basement War Room).  Most paints and flocking are on the table, as well as my new secret painti ng project.   I almost got paint on a figure Sunday night, but I realized I hadn't brought down any water cups yet and when I emerged from the basement, there was a little Millie roaming the living room, looking for someone to help her fall asleep.  #firstworlddadproblems

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