Thursday, June 26, 2014

Even With Money Things Move This Slow...

Another weekend has passed, and I've paid my pledge for two more successfully funded projects.

While I threw a buck at the Atlantis Theragraphica, I did pledge for the hardcover of Age of Cthulhu 8: Starfall Over the Plateau of Leng, and that one hit enough stretch goals to be chock full of goodies.  It will also include three mini-scenarios: The Gang's All Here, Risen is the Moon, and Transatlantic Terror, as well as 22-page insert of the handouts and pregenerated characters, perforated tear-out sheets of business card props for the pregens,  additional NPCs for adventures in and around Eureka Springs and this is all in addition to a piece of free scenery from Fat Dragon Games.  After all those freebies, I also get a pdf of one of the other Age of Cthulhu books just as a part of the original campaign, so #7, Timeless Sands of India it is!

I know all the freebies are still in the writing phase, but I was happy to support the project, knowing full well that the book was already edited and ready for printing.  Getting this book in hardcover was Goodman Games' main objective of the entire fundraiser.   For a campaign ending June 22, I anticipate some the rewards trickling in well before the summer is over.

That's a little amusing to me, as I'm still waiting for the (hopeful) Christmas shipment of my Reaper and RAFM pledges, especially with RAFM already launching their next one.  Hopefully it's not to get pledges from Peter to pay for Paul's orders.

I do know, via a KS message, that my Tales of the Crescent City should have been sent to the printer last night, and the download information for the pdf should be arriving "any second now."  (EDIT: I typed this up at work right before I left for the night. When I got home, the link and codes for the pdf were in my email.  The book is exquisite.)

The main thing that got me thinking about this was a Facebook post from Travis Hanson, the artist for Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone

That, my friends, is the layout for the cover, which means this book is soooo close to going to the printers.  While the Crescent City book I want now, I do have images of the girls opening this up on Christmas Eve after dinner and everyone reading this next to the fireplace. I can create dreams of a "perfect Christmas" and years of nostalgia from a funny book with teddy bear pirates, right?

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