Friday, June 20, 2014

(Kickstarter) Legends of Cthulhu Action Figures

I rarely venture out out of the games section of Kickstarter.  I do this for two reasons:
  1. I cry poverty enought as it is when mentioning games
  2. I cry even louder when stuff like Legends of Cthulhu has a campaign.
Cthulhu action figures are one thing.  We've got statues, gee-gaws, and miscellanae galore for Lovecraft material, but we could use a few more action figures and monsters. 

Now, make them in the style of the 70's/80's figures of yore (a la 3 3/4" Star Wars), and you've got a dangerous mix of intellectual property and nostalgia.  Don't worry, it's only dangerous to your wallet.

Just the Kickstarter video alone makes we want to play with them!

The interview with the guys at Warpo took up most of the latest episode of The Miskatonic University Podcast, and I have to admit, it did convince me to look up the campaign.  C'mon, they spent a good time in the interview just talking about how mandatory it was for the cultist to have a vinyl cape!  The guys love toys and love HP Lovecraft, and they did manage to get some of the classic toy sculptors to "go retro" for these figures.  I also love how much information they put on about the whole design process.   This isn't some teenage kid with a sketch or two and no clue how they're produced.    Lots of time and effort has been pulled in, and it's not the case of if and when, but how many and how much of each.

The one thing that makes me cringe is the price.  The figures individually are $35!  Mind you, these will be in exclusive Kickstarter packaging, but come on!  All four figures (on cards) and any stretch goal bonuses are at the Cultist Level which is $110 ($27.50 apiece).  If you need more cultists or Deep Ones, you can get groups of 4 without packaging for $65.00, but it's treated as an add on at the Cultist Level only.

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