Wednesday, June 11, 2014

(Kickstarter) Meridian Miniatures Tooth and Sword

Since I am friends to all well-sculpted anthropomorphic, mouse or otherwise, the Tooth and Sword Kickstarter from Meridian Miniatures caught my eye.

I'm normally not a big of the Chibi style, but the Mouse and the Lion really caught my eye on this one...

And I can picture the Vampire Bat and Squid/Cthulhu lurking in the shadows of a Gnome Wars game.

The problems I have with this Kickstarter are minor, but burdensome. 
  • The four figures I want are split between two sets.
  • Which is roughly $55US to get for eight figures with shipping from the UK.
  • The campaign ends the day after our first mortgage payment for the new house is due.
Outside of cost, nothing to dissuade those who want to pledge.


  1. Curse you, Viscount! Looks like more money out the door.

  2. Considering I may have to drop money for new doors, and I haven't gotten to set up my painting station, sand my deck, or even change the locks on the door, I say we're even.