Wednesday, June 25, 2014

(Kickstarter) RAFM Fantasy Miniatures Universal Soldier

RAFM has just launched their Kickstarter campaign for their fantasy miniatures in a soft plastic (a la Bones), and the publishing of their fantasy rules, Universal Soldier.

They're starting with two "factions" and if all the initial stretch goals are reached there will be six available to pledge for.  On top of that, if I'm reading the campaign correctly, if all six factions are unlocked, an additional 11 figures get added at qualifying levels!

I'm using the skeleton faction as a sample, since they are one of the initial two, and they would be the faction I want if I happened to pledge.  Forty-one skeletons are a welcome addition to a fantasy player, or even someone looking for a different opponent for his gnomes...

The $48 (Canadian.  Around $44 and change US) pledge seems like the best place to start, if your not interested in a revamp of a rules set that's been around in some form since 1977.   Not too happy with the $15 ($13.50US) shipping and handling charge outside the US, but that 's consistant with the CoC Kickstarter.... that I'm still waiting on, btw.  If they're working alongside Reaper in this endeavour, I will also remind our dear readers that I'm still waiting on my Bones II order that ended eight months ago.  Yes, my order isn't scheduled to ship until December 2014, but am I willing to wait 13 months to possibly get this product? 

I shall pledge my buck and wait and see what happens.

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