Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let the Organizing Begin!

Despite a weekend full of weddings, dance rehearsals, and dance recitals, I finally got a little bit of time to start getting the Kriget Rum Viscount Eric up and operational.  Don't worry, I'm either transporting people or attending those functions.  No shaking my groove thing in public or polygamy this weekend.

The first of what I hope are three metal storage shelving units has made it downstairs, and before I just dump my box o' paints on the work table, I figured it would be appropriate to sort things out.  A snafu at Pep Boys with some parts netted me a $20 of any purchase coupon, and they stock plastic shoeboxes and bigger and prices right between dollar store and heavy duty Rubbermaid, I may have snagged a few.

After Friday night, I had a few boxes brimming (mostly terrain), but I still have a number of mini cases to go through and pull all of the miscellaneous figures and find them a home with like minded minis.  Another night or two, plus some numerous trips carrying it down to the war room., and I can figure out priority projects, outside of my Union Gnome Infantry.

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