Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Other Uses for Victorian Scrunts

It looks like the Olley's Army Victorian Scrunts Kickstarter has shipped and everything I've read has been glowing.  Some pledges even admitted just wanting the heads to kitbash some Scandanavian Trolls.

I must admit I'm kicking myself for not getting something from the KS campaign, or even having funds to order some right now.  When I look at this picture
I don't see Victorian Scrunts, I see overweight German gnomes defending the town of Tanga, and doing it splendidly dressed.  With my first wargame in forever fought over Father's Day, I'm advancing towards starting the 2nd half of the long-ignored Tanga Campaign using Gnome Wars.  Civilians are only a possible variable force, and I can design a nice multi-national squad of gnomes to represent them, but these fellows would trump that concept without a doubt.

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