Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Statting Out Disney Characters

We all know that Facebook is the devil's plaything.  There are enough links to sites trying to drive up traffic by posting "outrageous" videos, "hearwarming" stories, and "inane" personality tests (Which murdered cartoon character are you?).

Then these show up:

For all the smiles and laughs these emitted when they came out, as well as a few genius strokes (Rapunzel + Animate Rope explains everything), these guys are all fifth level?  A chick who can build castles of ice could be on the same party as a dude who shares half-eaten carrots with a reindeer? 

I was going to stat these folks out as Hackmaster (4th) characters, but then came the issue of time, and can I believe that Anna, a girl who spent years looking for a yogi to teach her snow construction and nothing more, has more hit points than a wiley thief who's only weakness is cast iron frying pans to the back of his head?

Let's not even get started on the stats....

Perhaps, though, I should start statting out cartoons in some form.  I've had a post placeholder (one of 48) on my blog for The Octonauts and I should cover that before the girls outgrow it....

(Edit:  I initially finished this post right after work yesterday and scheduled it for this morning.  On the walk to the parking garage, I was hit with a gaming epiphany the likes I haven't seen in years.  I'll remain aloof with the details, but I do believe I've found at least one-shot game for the group this summer.)

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