Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Gnome Runs Again!

Today was a busy day in the ViscountEric household.  This morning was the 5K race to support the organization my wife volunteers for,  A Positive Promise.   My wife had gotten the crazy idea to raise money to make my large frame run the race, and while they came up just short of the $500 to 'make' me run the race, I put it upon myself to do a little training and make sure I could finish the damn thing.

My wife even got me t-shirt for the event, plus matching ones for the girls...

Would this shot of my belly constitue a "belfie?"

I was slow as molasses, the course signage was lacking, causing everyone to run about 3.4 miles instead of the usual 3.1, and the hill on the couse nearly swallowed up some of the competent runners, but I did finish.  I helped clean up and sprinted  back to the new house, as my friends Nate and Steve (Balls and Archi) were set to make an appearance.

After the kids provided their mandatory tour of the house, we got down to brass tacks and commenced drinking and playing  games!

Our drink of choice.  Not bad, and priced right.
 The first game we played from Steve's bag o' tricks was Agents.  Despite a wildly successful Kickstarter and interesting gameplay mechanics, the artwork and quality of the product left me underwhelmed.

Next, my eldest daughter Maja, took the attention of the boys, and a container of her toys hit the table. Using some very basic TIARA rules, we established a do-or-die fight between all the ponies in the kingdom, the undersea kingdoms, and the snow creatures.

It took some spectacular dice rolls to maintain a tie, but Steve, playing Gaston, offered to broker a peace deal which was accepted, over television viewing hours.  Afterwards everyone had cake (Both pretend and real life!)

King Crab dominates the negotiations, for a turn.
Our final games of the evening were Dungeon Roll.  I couldn't get anything started when it was my turn, but I had fun nonetheless.

Here's hoping for a calmer Sunday.

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