Friday, June 27, 2014

The Gnomes of August?

Despite the normal Friday chaos at work and calls from daycare, I've actually thought of a crazy concept, and it's for the motivation for the blog to begin with, Gnome Wars.

This Saturday is the 100th anniversary of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand's assasination in Sarajevo, giving European the big push into total war.  As Gnome Wars weapons and units are based off of largely Great War technology (the rules are developed from Trench Wars), should be be "celebrating" with a large online moderated campaign game?

I propose....  THE GNOMES OF AUGUST !!!

Let's be honest, the only time we see anyone actually playing Gnome Wars is either at a few select cons or my postings about games with my kids.  There should be no shame with getting a few friends together, moving a few gnomes on the dining room table (paint optional, for the gnome, not the table), posting a pic or two and having it count towards the war effort.  Heck, I'll even take take Eastern Front or even Italian/Serb/Austrian games, if the figures are painted.  Double heck, I'd think Tanga games should count. 

Before I delve into researching how to pull this off, I'd like to see how many takers there are.

Here would be your requirements.

Two or more Gnome Wars units between you and your friends.

Time to play at least one game a month, and no more than once a week.

An active email account, and a the willingness to send pics of the battle and a little after-action-report of the battle.

In return, myself (or a volunteer moderator) would make adjustments to the campaign map based on your battle, and send a basic outline of the next battle to be fought, with special rules, if need be.  Scenery and terrain would be "use what you have" (i.e. books or magazines for hills or trenches, if you don't own any).  We may allow non-Brigade figures only if the gnomes outnumber them, say 2-to-1.

With some luck, and the help of a few friends across the country, or across the globe, your troops might be home for Christmas.

Anybody interested, comment below, or email me at viscounteric AT gmail DOT com, starting the subject with (GoA).

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  1. Awesome idea. I'm game (er...or will be playing games!?) At any rate, yes. Sign me up.

    I guess it is time to glue little shovels onto my German gnomes...lots of trenches for them to dig!

    the Cannombal King