Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Lessons of Maja #11-14

Between the great weather, a super comfortable new mattress, and a full day of doing "stuff,"  waking up in the morning this week and getting the kids off to daycare on time has been impossible. Tack on some kid grumpiness, and it's something other than jellybeans and sunshine in the ViscountEric estate before 8am in the morning.

Lately, the kids have been bringing stuff to school and leaving everything to fall into the Lost and Found.  Little Millie has had some big-eyed Leopard end up there every morning for the past four days, so I finally instituted a patriarchal decree and seized the leopard to take to work, and eventually back home.

I tried to explain to the girls for the umpteenth time, that bringing toys to "school" was frown upon, that they lose a lot of their stuff that way, and, with a huge barrel of ponies at the daycare, they should set up a game or war using them.

Lesson of Maja #14:  Daddy, we can't have a war here.  It's breakfast time!

It's not quite no fighting in the war room, but I'll take it.

And since I haven't numbered the last couple of Maja's lessons, and I fear that this phase could be disappearing (at least in this form),  let me list lessons #11-13 that hadn't been numbered here.

#11:  "The house is on fire and Mommy needs to go to Mexico."   Overheard a while back while playing pretend outside.  Given that the girl's current favorite Scooby Doo is a movie based in Mexico, this doesn't seem as surprising as it was when they first said this.

#12:   "Anyone dressed like Darth Vader is a scary guy." 

#13:  "It's a rule of God that there should be cake at weddings and parties and balls.  That's why he made cake."  Maja's got a nice non-demononational version of the Old Testament God that she developed.  I kind of like it.   Since my parenting style is certainly NOT New Testament in theme, I can understand how she developed that.  And since I haven't done so recently, thanks God, for cake.

And the leopard?  It's under safe supervision before being transferred back to the wilds of the kids' playroom.

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