Saturday, June 7, 2014

The List is Shrinking

I swung by my FLGS earlier this week to pick up the last copy of Tales of the Sleepless City that's in the US retail distribution chain. Apparently Alliance was completely out and ACD had one lone copy in a distant warehouse that caused a massive rerouting of their order. Between this miracle work and the fact that they have a sign up finally, I'm a very happy customer.

Unfortunately, that also means that besides a few pre-orders, my ordering will turn to other products not normally through the retail-distribution model.

I have another Kickstarter coming due at the end of the month (Age of  Cthulhu), but after that I'll need to save a few dollars up to get a French Gnome Unit for Gnome Wars (The Blog is called Gaming with the Gnomies afterall).   I anticipate playing some early WW1 with the gnomes, so it's only right that the French make an appearance.  Since the focus of the game is Swiss-German conflicts, they may play the role of supporting Belgian troops.  I'll get these guys directly from Brigade Games

In the same respect, August's budget should be dedicated to Pegasus Hobbies buildings, most notably the stone cottages (large and small) as well as their Russian farm buildings.  My love of things RCW make them very tempting.   The discount is substantial enough that I would be stupid not to order them through Amazon.

September is hopefully some MBA Middle Eastern buildings to fill out the streets when we restart the Tanga game.  The first few battles will use the few buildings I own, but as they move towards town, I need something better than shoeboxes.

October through December, if I do order anything, it might be a daytrip to Fall-In!  to pick up the Eureka and Old Glory figs I have listed.  Perhaps I may snag a few more OG figs to start the "real" version of my Battle of Yellowstone game.

At that point, I'll only have some RPGs left on the list that my friends and family could special order through Emerald Vale Games.  Worst case, they can pick some stuff from my Amazon Wish List.  The preferred  compromise would be to find stuff on Amazon, and if the discount is minimal, still order it through EV.

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