Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tooth and Sword Kickstarter Expanded

Earlier this month, I mentioned Meridian Miniatures' Tooth and Sword Kickstarter.  It appears that a stretch goal has been reached and a third set of figures, the Neutrals, are now available for the campaign.

The good news, is the sculpts are all great.   I do have two questions:
  1. Why do a stretch goal when the campaign hasn't even reached the main goal?  Smells of desperation, but I'm probably horribly wrong.  I HOPE I'm horribly wrong.
  2. To get the Neutrals, you have to pledge for all three sets?  There's certainly some cost ratios that determined that decision but it has dissuaded me for pledging at any level. 
But I'm weird like that *Get off my lawn!*

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