Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ViscountEric's Stuff for Sale!

While it was always part of the house-buying plot, a few necessary "upgrades" have pushed me to offer some items for sale:

US Shipping only

All the King's Men  AWI 54mm Metal Figures that I will probably never get to paint and play with.
  • British Infantry, full gaiters and fur pack (12+2 Command)
  • British Light Dragoon Infanry (8 riders + 8 horses)
  • Continental Infantry (12+2 Command)
  • Continental Skirmisher (6+2 Command)
  • Artillery unit (4 crew + 1 Command + 1 Flag Bearer)
  • Three battalion guns (no crew)
    Everything here, EXCEPT the Indians, they already sold
Bags have been opened,  some figures badly primed, and a little paint. All figures appear be there.   Currently $200 retail.  Asking $125, shipping included (and it's a wee bit heavy...)

Soldiers of the World 54mm WW1 : WW20/C US Army Marching Set (Montana Hat):  The five figures are perfect, the box did spend a winter in my garage, so it's not mint, with some discoloration on the side of the lid.   Fun fact, I did use them very delicately when I ran my Call of Cthulhu No Man's Land, and they went back on the shelf/box.

Box Discoloration

Looks like they retail for $110.  Asking $75, shipping included.

Please contact viscounteric AT gmail DOT com for offers or more information.   I'll accept PayPal (and will be providing a different email for that transaction).

Time to build a new page for my rotating stock that I'll be putting up.

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