Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hundreds of posts, and almost five years ago, I started this blog as a way to keep track of my Gnome Wars games, role-playing, painting, and anything that people attach "-geek" to nowadays.  After all this time I'm proud to admit that I just passed the illustrious sounding 100,000th page view!

Outside of the occasional link-up to The Miniatures Page and some minor quid pro quo links to other blogs most of the views have been from a small dedicated readership, and a WHOLE LOTTA google searches.  It's still amazing to me that my #1 viewed post was a throwaway post about the Settlers of Catan 15th Anniversay set, and that was back in 2010!  My jaw dropped when the post was the #5 result for awhile on Google for Settlers of Catan.

Looking back, if you want to search for gnomes, gnome wars, mouslings/mouselings/mice warriors, the blog will probably make an appearnce.  Makes me wish I had more time to paint more gnomes/mice to justify all the views.
I'm still trying to figure out what "1 maja 8, kudowazdrj" is, as I still get the occassional search link. 

I'd also like to thank Steve Jackson Games for tweeting my "Is that an OGRE in your pocket" post.  That alone added a thousand views this month, putting me over 100K a month earlier.  Good thing I bought two copies of Pocket OGRE and pre-ordered Car Wars Classic.  No, Steve, you won't sell me any GURPS 4th Edition, no matter how many fnords you fnord  to fnord.

So, for everyone's perusal, here's a vain list of some of my posts that I still find most enjoyable.  I know I'm missing one or two (like a Tanga campaign game with the girls) but I'm nearing 1,000 posts, I'll need different material for that celebratory post.

Pull Up Your Damn Pants - My rant on the Garment-Challenged
Pop's Culture Shoppe - One Year Later  - A positive rant about how game stores should evolve
Dice Baseball  -  One of my guilty pleasures for 25+ years.
My Favorite Con I Travelled For  - It ain't GenCon or Historicon
Historicon 2011 - My Gnome Wars Game  - My Gnome Wars that didn't involve the MBA Castle
Rorke's Drift   - My historical interpretation is for the birds

Attack of the 50-Foot Princess  - Another Daddy-Daughter(s) Game
The Battle for the Hair    - A sequel to the 50-foot Princess
Runaway Princess  - A quick, fun scenario
Baconball  - Some parenting philosophy.

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