Sunday, July 27, 2014

Darkest Star Games Kickstarter is Shipping

Recently, I've been a negative Nancy, moaning about how long some are taking, while poo-pooing the efforts of some new campaigns.   Three quick thoughts:

  1. I should be grateful that I'm getting updates and a chance to hope at all, when compared to the products like Robotech Tactics and Relic Knights.  Those were funded back in the 20th Century, or so it felt before something tangible could be sent to the backers. 
  2. Kickstarters, to me, are simply throwing support for a cool project.  If I get product, great, if I get more product than MSRP, even better.  These have no guarantees
  3. The announcement of Darkest Star Games starting to ship their KS reminds me that Golden Goblin has started shipping out Tales of the Crescent City, and with Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone at the printers, I am finally going to be getting stuff, although the minis Kickstarters feel like another decade will lapse.  Perhaps that's the lesson.  Be very VERY careful with the miniatures and you probably won't be as disappointed.
That is all... Carry on.

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