Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This weekend is Historicon down in Fredericksburg, Virginia.   Between new home finances, car issues that are not condusive to a five hour drive, and my wife working the whole weekend, the con is a definite no-go.  Of course the previous words wife working the whole weekend provides the solution.  Grab your dice, kids, it's Daddy-con, Home-storicon, er... we're playing a lot of freaking games over the weekend, girls.

I'll see who else can come up, but I anticipate some racing, some Candyland, some TIARA, and perhaps some Gnome Wars recreating the Serbian-Gnomish Wars of 1912-13. 

If I get time to work a few more items off my honey-do list, I'll set up a little diorama to recreate the latest news from Gnome Europe.  If not, I'll put some items in my painting queue behind my Gnomish-Americans.

Any takers?  Just let me know.

(Edit: After taking a walk over to the deli on the square, I picked up the first of hopefully many I will use for one of my weekend projects with Maja and Millie.)

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