Friday, July 25, 2014

(Kickstarter) Band of Gnomes 28mm Rules and Minis

With most Kickstarters, I'm almost surprised by their appearance.  There are a few I learn of early and get excited with anticipation.  The Band of Gnomes Kickstarter was one of them, and I believe that excitement was misplaced.

Let's break this one down to Pros and Cons

  • They're gnomes *checks name of blog*.  That should be enough
  • The designer of the skirmish rules is Andrea Sfiligoi, award winning game designer, known most for Song of Blades and Heroes
  • Very affordable pledge levels.  Whether it's the book, the gnomes, or the terrain, every pledge level provides a sizable discount from the MSRP.
  • KS Presentation - Here's the concept art for the figures.
  • Let me roughly sketch a body and put a pointy hat on it?  C'mon!   Even worse, I can only describe the terrain piece sketches as identical gelatinous cubes! 

    I don't need finished product, but for a third Kickstarter, I would expect real pictures, concepts, heck, even a size comparison of the one figure they post next to any other company's product.

    I'll watch it, but I'm none too impressed.

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