Wednesday, July 9, 2014

(Kickstarter) Mouse Guard: Swords and Strongholds

I have a certain routine when I come into work.   After I make sure all my work programs are operational, I grab a cup of coffee and alternate between work email and glancing over blogger/kickstarter for the first half hour.  The Kickstarter portion may need to be pushed back to lunch, as all the new campaigns seem to launch right before then.

David Petersen and Luke Crane have decided to make a real version of Swords and Strongholds, the game played at inns and taverns within the Mouse Guard world.
At first glance, it looks like a neat concept.  Mouse Guard fans should gobble it up, and it's another way to keep the brand active until the next series.  The pledge levels aren't too bad, either, with $12 for a print-and-play version, and $30 for the full game plus the print-and-play.  Then they should the basics of the game:

This is NOT the $30 pledge level. 
•The base set will include a wooden board, eight plastic mouse pawns, 30 cards (on 120 gsm coated stock or better) in a sturdy tuck box or sleeve, and a rules sheet complete with example illustrations. The game will be contained in a cardboard two piece box with a full color wrap.

A wooden board that I could make with the kids, eight pawns that could easily be replaced with Reaper mouslings, or the Mouse Guard PVC characters, and 30 printed cards that I could print similarly durable cards off a good printer with the print and play option?   I'm throwing in a buck for now, and will probably go the do-it-yourself route.

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