Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Paint Station... OF DOOM

My family has been moved into our new house for a month and a half, the two-car garage can finally fit one car in it (until we take care of some issues this afternoon), and I've already painted, by my definition, a full unit?  I think I might like it here...

With the Gretchin (Blue Martians) I gave myself some self-imposed pressure to finish them.  Since I've had the next unit in the queue for a year and a half, the impetus isn't quite there.  It was rather refreshing to put the brush down after just starting to block out the first color on the base coat on all of the figures.

At the old house, where things were stored willy-nilly depending on the whims of the residents, there was no more organization than what I could muster for the hour or two of painting I got on the dining room table.  I believe I finally unpacked the last of my random bottles of paint (or woe be the boxes with winter clothes and my wife's wedding gown) and brought them all downstairs.  With the full unfinished basement  at my disposal, save a few tubs of kids clothes in a crawl space, it was time this evening to set up some semblance of a painting station.

Since was an impulsive effort, I did no research into "proper" paint organization, although I admit I saw Evil Bob mention it yesterday in a Facebook post.  Unlike most gamers, I have a huge supply of pink paint at my disposal.  Chalk the up to two girls who are due another afternoon of painting.  Sunday, I hope.

Nothing too exciting here.  Flipped over my paint carrying bin upside down and color coordinated them, pinks and purples in the back, tans, grays, and more common colors in the front.  In front of the bin, I lined up the mandatory colors (white, black, etc) so they're easy to reach.  Still haven't put away the Army Painter paints from the Martians, and the metallics are near the glue.   Once I clear up bin o' miscellaneous stuff to
the far right, I'll put together another flocking bin so the vitamin and pill bottles of ballast will go.

I also realized that I've accumulated a few "reserve" bottles of paint in my time as a painting vagabond.
Since I primarily use Americana and they're on sale dirt cheap, it makes sense to grab a few extras here and there.

Burnt Sienna
Primary Blue
Snow White
Black (3x bottles)
Deep Midnight Blue (2x bottles)
Harbor Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Bright Orange (2x bottles)
Neutral Grey (2x bottles)
Tan  (2x bottles)
Bittersweet Chocolate (2x bottles)

At worst $30 worth of paint at full retail.  If it was GW paint, the sheer volume of it at their rate could afford me a new army... or three.

Let's see if it helps...

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