Friday, August 15, 2014

A Respite Between Storms

The first half of August has been crazy for me on the blog-side and the personal one.    My mother-in-law is completing the carousel of moving by moving from her mother's place back to her original house (the one we moved out of).  Despite saying 'I got it covered.' every step of the way, we spent this past week packing up boxes and saving antiques from the trash hauler.  It's been a long couple of months for her, so I'll give her a continued pass.

Monday, my co-worker I came over to move the couch from the house and take back to the new house.  Of course, no one let us know that the couch had been delivered years ago before the door frames of this old mining house had been replaced by small doors and weatherstripping on all four sides that was two inches thick! We're a bit beaten up, but I do finally have a comfy couch in the pet-free living room.Of course, we're trying to figure out what to do with the Futon we had in its place previously.

With more stuff coming in, the final act, cleaning out the garage has been at a standstill.  Hopefully this weekend I can get some furniture cleaned up and moved in.  

Outside of finishing up the California IG Officer and NCO, painting has only been done on the bench by the girls.  The purple Japanese Samurai Gnome Infantry are a bit purple, but I'm honing their skills.

This post, typed on the 13th, finally appears in the first open date on my blog since July 27th. I'm not used to double posting in the same day, but sometimes it's been necessary.  If I can complete entry #9 from the Hackmaster campaign, I'm already filled up through Tuesday, and that includes a little ditty about Gencon.  There's a very good reason I may be taking a full vacation from live blogging in December.  Of course the idea that I can use the #RPGaDay listing for August and use it for December, and I'm already done with four of those entries that won't change makes things a little better.

I'm also getting a hand on this whole Twitter thing.  Follow me @viscounteric, if you dare.

We did get most of the office set up, which allows me to bring up another box from the garage.

Hopefully, the old Hackmaster Character sheets of the Burning Trogs are in here and I can finally post stats of the beloved Whitey.

As I try to take full advantage of my few Sundays I'm off this Fall, I'm already scheming about the next campaign after the Gnomes of August, after Tanga II, after Rommel the Gnome in action.  I dug out a twenty year old copy of Wargames Illustrated, and outisde of drooling at the Geo-Hex ads, I realize I want to play gnome versions of all the scenarios they printed that month.  While we will still accept AARs from players fighting the major fronts of the Great Gnome War, these games might be wild cards for future campaign implications, or perhaps nothing at all.

It also looks like we'll be ramping up Call of Cthulhu after a loooong hiatus for two weekends in September.

And I won't even mention the cluttered mess in my mind of my Risus IOU game I'm running at our Annual Day of  Sloth Picnic.


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