Monday, August 4, 2014

Evil Bob's Miniature Painting: Dystopian Legions: Empire of the Rising Sun and Pr...

I've made mention of Dystopian Legions on my Apathy of New Releases posts.  Victorian Sci-Fi in 28mm always sounds like a great idea.  It's the application that counts.

One of the painting service blogs I follow is Evil Bob's Miniature Painting.  Recently he completed two factions: the Empire of the Rising Sun and the Prussians and posted a ton of pics.

The worst job I've seen Evil Bob do is still far superior to anything I can do, and the mosto fthe time that work he and his wife put into their commissions inspires me to work on my painting. 

That being said, the paint jobs on these are fantastic.  They almost make up for the fact that the miniatures themselves are simply horrid.

All the soldiers look waif-thin and have enough steam punk or ethnic paraphenalia that just make them look unbalanced. 

That being said, the vehicles look simply awesome!  I question the practicality of some of them, but we do that with modern equipment and 40k stuff as well.  The exhaust/steam from the Rising Sun Steam Cycle and the Prussian Jet(?) Packs is so subtle that it blows my mind. 

In my Apathy column, I decided against further stocking any Dystopian product in my imaginary store.  Upon looking at well done versions of the figures, and the comments of a professional painter, I stand by that non-binding decision. 

I also stand by my decision to follow Evil Bob's blog.  Despite the figure quality, I'm inspired to snag a few Japanese and German gnomes just to experiment with paint schemes.

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