Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gnome Wars at Guns of August This Weekend.

The Guns of August is this weekend, August 21-24 in Williamsburg, VA.  It's a great local con with plenty of variety, and adding to all that variety are two Gnome Wars games!

GnomeWar's for Kids

GM: Erin Crouch (erinmur1@gmail.com) Saturday @ 1pm
Description: The rats and their friends are at the gates of Candyland again. They were made to retreat back into the woods but are trying again to take over the candy factory. The town's people and the teddy bears are ready to protect their town. Come and join the battle of the gnomes, rats, and teddy bears.    
Scale: 28mm  Max Players: 15  Playing Time (Hours): 4 Rules: Gnome Wars 
Comments: This is a Kids Only game with adult supervision.   Gnome Wars (Adult)
GM: Richard Crouch (rrcgame@aol.com) Saturday @ 7pm
Description: Get rid of the Scales Rocks Ann coalition has been sent out to clear some land for a new location. There is a small problem and the fact that the land is inhabited. The old owners do not want to leave and they have help from People Insuring Scales Survival. There are the Scales there to who
do what they want. Come in join in the fun of Gnome Wars. Pick a side and have fun.
Scale: 28mm   Max Players: 15  Playing Time (Hours): 4 Rules: gnome wars  Comments: This is not a kids game. There will be a kids Gnome wars game at 1pm Sat.

I love the child/adult games. I know we try (unsuccessfully) to segregate tables by age, but let's be honest, some of kids should be generals of the armies give orders to the adults.

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