Friday, August 29, 2014

Hungry Like the Ral Partha Wolves

With everything else that I babble about painting up on this blog, out of nowhere, a bunch of wolves are painted up?  
25mm Ral Partha wolves with GW Gretchin for size comparison

And their opposite profiles
 #1 - It looks like most of my gaming friends will be no-shows for my Day of Sloth picnic this year, so Risus: IOU goes on the shelf till next year (perhaps SATLOF?)  To fill the gaming void of things bigger than Apples to Apples and Fluxx, I may commandeer some of the kids for session four of Dungeons and Ponies.  If I'm going to play with people outside the family, I will need painted figures and *spoiler alert* the goblin caves maaaaayy have some wolves in them.

#2 - I pulled my fantasy mini case out of the garage with another box o' stuff, and lo' and behold, grey primed wolves with some horrible shading.  I had to start them over from scratch, but in two nights I got these Ral Partha wolves finished ('89-94 sculpt dates), four of  my Gnomish California Imperial Guard ready for detailing, and four Legions of Steel nightmares primed over two, all the while, correcting a flea infestation.

I think there are two more wolves hiding in another box, but I'll be good for now.  I was tempted to paint up a Hackmaster Ogre to represent the *spoiler* bugbear in the caves, but I think the old ettin will do the trick.

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