Saturday, August 9, 2014


Yesterday I finally discovered #RPGaDay.  Someone has set up a series of 31 daily topics to celebrate role-playing during August, the month of GenCon.  People have been linking their blog posts on Twitter with the above mentioned hashtag, and there have been some pretty prominent individuals in the industry participating.  

Given that they're already up to day 9 on this, I won't reorganize my entire month (and five day backlog of posts) to add this to my retinue, even if the daily links on the Tweets will increase traffic.  I will give the "short-short" answer each day under @viscounteric.  

I have decided that this list would make a great replacement for my #12Days shindig I've done the last couple years for Christmas.  The main reason I did #12days was to just keep blogging during a slow time gaming for myself and the hobby. 

For December, I won't entirely supplant my normal eccentric blogging with this gimmick.  I guess I'll make this the morning post, and any other random stuff.  

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