Monday, August 11, 2014

The Astounding Tales of the Campaigns of General William Augustus Pettygree

Just another quick post shouting some love to a blogger that does a waaaaay better job than me. 


Campaigns of General William Augustus Pettygree  is a great blog.  I originally wanted to post about it since I saw another use of the Melanesian Spearmen from  Pulp Figures.  The fact that this entry contains a lot of terrain I already own is quite inspiring. Plus they make mention of using Project Bricks, available at Michael's, for the lost ruins, so a long overdue trip is in order this week. 

I don't know the actual format he's using but the staged scenes of General Pettyrgree are fabulous.  Chapter 69 makes we want to drop everything, sell plasma to buy MBA buildings, and scrap the gnomes to set up some fabulous colonial adventures.  Toy soldiers meet storytelling meet wargaming potential.  Sign me up!

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