Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Crown Prince is Assassinated!

Headline - Sarajevo, Kingdom of Surfia 

News continued to come out of Germany at a crawl, but it appears that Crown Prince Otto von Buckvitz was brutaly gunned down by angered Franz Ferdinand fans from the Kingdom of Surfia. 

The Crown Prince, eight in line for succession to the German crown and direct heir to the Duchy of Oesterria, was in Sarajevo for an armed forces review.  Contacts close to the Crown suggest he may have been using his royal clout to gain access to a music fans and other fans grew agitated. 

Otto is known for his playboy lifestyle and his lack of personal security in most instances.  His elderly father, Duke Claude, issued a vitriol-filled attack on the people of Surfia, demanding compensation for Otto's death.  The Kingdom of Surfia was only provided a token gesture of condolence to the Oesterria and the German people as a whole. 

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