Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Day of Sloth 2015

Saturday was our annual Day of Sloth picnic, an excuse to grill meat, play games, and drink copious amounts of beer.  For a lot of people, it was also the first showing of our new house.

For a number of years, the day was capped off with an Illuminati University game using Risus, but alas, real life and changes to the schedule (the last two years were Saturday instead of the traditional Sunday) have netted fewer gamers in attendance.   In fact, my buddy Steve was the only representative of the group in attendance.  We drank beer, shot the you know what, and critiqued D&D 5e.    I even broke out the recent minis, much to the oohs and ahhs of the mundanes.  I keep forgetting that most people wouldn't even know what to do with the figures if they tried.

The only amusing thing that transpired was me breaking out my tomato case full of army guys (a la Burning Plastic) and letting the kids go wild.  As I wandered out front later in the day, army guys littered the driveway like the Road of Death from the First Gulf War.  Mission Accomplished.

I also may have a new endeavour:  teaching kids to paint.  I got than one request from the kids and the mundane parents asking how, and with the backlog of those requests, I might as well do a simple version using some spare gnomes or some army men.  

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