Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The First Box

This week, I started going through more boxes in the garage and finding the stuff a permanent home.  One was an diaper box full of random books, magazines, and papers, so with the new bookcase with drawers to hide stuff, it was the obvious choice to drag up to the office first.

Of course upon realizing some of the stuff I haven't seen since we moved into the last house, the whole process probably took three times as long.
    Deceptively Small
  • A number of old D&D modules including S3, N1,and A2
  • Some random City-State of the Invincible Overlord products from the 70s/80s.  This (and the fact that I owned the 3e version) is why I only pledged a dollar to the Kickstarter.
  • TWERPS counters and character sheets
  • Bizaud, a halfling thief my friend Scott made for either high school or my "army" game a few years later.  Vintage AD&D 2nd Edition official character sheet!
  • Zerrex a Ferran thief made by Scott forTalislanta 2nd edition
  • The original map of "modern" Eastern Crosedes for my Georic Campaign. I actually used the random terrain generator out of the 1st Ed DMG inch by inch. Eding, the starting point of three of my campaigns, is located just upriver from the northernmost lake.

Like an episode of Antiques Roadshow, what that map was drawn on made me more amazed.

  • Whatcon was the attempt some of the regular con-going crew did to run a con "the right way" and correct the apparent slights they felt.  It was an outright disaster, particularly financially.   There was a nice Battlemasters game and a fantastic Paranoia game, but due to the lack of attendees none of the other games went off.  It is nice to see Burning Plastic listed on there, though.
  • The character sheets of the ill-fated Hackmaster campaign from the mid '00s.  It had two drow fill slots over it's lifetime:  one named Strom Thurmond and another named White Thunder Gomez
  • Another HM character: Cefus Bloodletter, a half-ogre barbarian with 70 hp at 1st level. I dint know who made this but upon review of some other sheets attached to it, it must be my friend Dalcin.
  • A GURPS character sheet of Exmar McAngus.  My little sister rarely played with us, but Exmar was a pre-gen of a cleric that she ran and turned him into a 90's college radio garbed, cast iron skillet waving madman.  Good times.
  • One of the AEG pocket dungeon modules for 3e.  If the Trogs ever get back together, this would be the module that kicks it off.
  • Maps of Georic 3.0.   The Hackmaster version of Georic was a  Fantasy version of Earth, modelled after Dangerous Journey's Epic of Aerth.  With the wars and political unrest that's coming up *sorry, spoilers!* The borders change and evolve.  There is one map with the Duchy of Sworin smack dab in the middle of Crosedes.
  • Another Cthulhu print to add to my office wall at work
  • Mike Lung's mythical creation legends for Gnome Wars and my first draft of the gnome history, circa 2011.  This should get at least one long-neglected placeholder post completed.
  • Some character sheets of the Burning Trogs!  Zonin, Whitey, as well as future characters Ramsah and Coreena the Torchbearer.  As an added bonus, I found Norm Dingleberry as his 7th level character, converted to HM, as well as his "current" 12th level King of Mercadia version.
  • Plus a Hackmaster Adventure Company Log, listing statuses of members and the shares they own in the venture!
Can't wait to open up the next one!

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