Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scottish Golf Mortar Accessorized!

As I blow through the bits and pieces that are the bins in my painting bench, I've been able to complete a few minor things. 

Early on in the course of this blog, I finished up the main figure of the Gnome Wars Scottish Golf Mortar from Brigade Games.  I'm happy to say that all three pieces are finally "painted" 

I put painted in quotes, simply due to the different flocking I used on the bases.  I painted the golfer while I was in the midst of building the battle boards for the Tanga campaign.  All the remaining long, yellow static grass went towards that project and I never needed to restock.  That makes the golfer look perfect for the British Open, while the caddies/accessories are ready for Augusta.    One day, I'll coordinate the three, but for now, they're more items to put on the "finished" pile.

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