Wednesday, December 24, 2014

RPGaDay #24 Most Complicated RPG Owned

When I first started gaming, role-playing was in the waning years of complicated games.  Perfect examples of this were Rolemaster ("Chartmaster") and most of the Fantasy Games Unlimited games, some of which had elegant mechanics, hidden among convoluted paragraphs of text.

The only game I have left that feeds off that vibe is Fantasy Wargaming
This game is better known to have statted out Jesus (false, but they do have the Virgin Mary).
The system isn't necessarily complicated like a multiple-chart/slide rule required FGU product, but it's just written so... obtuse.   Even the stat blocks for the demons, devils, and the saints are so over-complicated that I feel you need an astrolabe, an abacus, and some old chicken bones to figure out the modifiers to a relatively simple combat roll.

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