Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My FLGS Went Away

It would be  a sad, sad weekend.   I drove to my FLGS, Emerald Vale Games, and the doors were locked, all the stock and shelves removed. 

Well, it would be sad, if they hadn't moved right down the street to 109 West End Rd Wilkes-Barre, PA, next to Colarusso's Pizza, a mere two blocks or so away from the original location.

As I mentioned previously, that had taken over the dance studio adjacent to them and opened a wall for a Games Workshop room.   When the tattoo parlor on the other side got kicked out, they planned to do the same thing to allow a role-playing room and dedicated CCG area, but the extra square footage kicked in zoning guidelines for HVAC requirements, and it was much cheaper to move to more square footage than pay for a larger HVAC unit.

At first impression, I was a bit disturbed by the location.  It's literally on the other side of the tracks, across the street from a shipping warehouse and the strip mall has on poor front entrance.  I had been told that the entrance to the store was going to be in the back, where there was a large amount of extra parking.  When I swung by on Thursday to check it out, the rear parking lot was a mess and steel rear door, garage door adjacent to it, and poor lighting gave me the heebee jeebies.  My first thought was, if I became squeamish from this environment, what about the Games Workshop parents?

The good news is, when I came for the Fate Reforged Pre-release, there is a traditional entrance for the store front portion in the front of the building (right next to my doctor, no less).  Currently, the wargames tables are out in the sales area, which would become rather inconvenient once the store's inventory grows.

The back room (where the steel and garage doors lead to) is huge, so it should easily hold 64 players
The storefront portion is still in the process of unpacking so I won't do thorough  review of the new store for a few weeks while they set everything up.   I would still prefer all of the non-role-playing tables to be set in their giant back room, but that can create it's own set of issues. 

They left the poor Pop Tarts!  *sniff*


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