Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What to Run at Mepacon Spring 2015

GM Event Registration for Mepacon opens up on February 1st and I haven't a thing to wear!

It is my local con, even if it did move off the mountain of Clarks Summit and into the Hilton in Scranton. (I try to avoid driving on I-81 north of Wilkes-Barre.  At least I can get to Clarks Summit via the Turnpike.)   It looks like I'll be at the con for Friday night only,with a 20% chance of making it back Saturday for the auction, so it's time for the internet to help me decide what I should run!

Toon - Cthulhu Comes to Springfield - My old Lovecraft/Simpsons game is ready to get pulled out of its file and run at a moment's notice.  Probably rewriting the Duffman episode, the other three hour-long "episodes" can stand on its own.

Call of Cthulhu -Attack of the Atomic Bikini Reptile Women... In 3-D!!!   Some fun B-Movie horror using CoC.  Originally from Worlds of Cthulhu magazine.  Character generation at the table and off we go!

Burning Plastic - Capture the Flag - Green Army Men are either a huge success, or non-entity.

Gnomish Space Marines:  Force me to write up the rules for my Sci-Fi game.  No minis this time. 

Talislanta -  Not in the mood to run D&D or Hackmaster, but I could throw something fun for Tal.  Crysle Dungeon II - Electric Blue Ardua Boogaloo?

Diplomacy - This never gets offered and would be a great counter to all the Magic and 40k tourneys.

Battletech - Force me to paint up my stuff and run an Intro game
Kobolds Ate My Baby - lluminati University  :  Kobolds running around IOU?  What could go wrong?
GURPS IOU. - Scavenger Hunt:  With enough demand, I would rebuild my favorite con game ever AND use GURPS 3rd Edition.

And remember, you can vote for more than one option!!!

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  1. Well, the CoC Atomic Bikini Lizard Women looks fun. And Burning plastic always looked cool.

    Tom C