Monday, February 9, 2015

Lack of Progress Report

First, let’s introduce Lala the new foster dog staying with us for the short term. Not a big fan of the crate in the chilly basement (the kennel cough isn’t helping), so I haven’t been back to my table for a while.

In fact, the only painting that took place last month was during my daughter Millie’s “kid party” where we grabbed bottom rung paint and brushes and each kid painted a canvas with their letter on it, as well as a tiny birdhouse. Fun was had by all.

Not too many responses regarding the poll for the next event for Mepacon . The Gnomish Space Marines are barely ahead and I don’t know if I want to compile a completely new game system into something logical over the next two months.

Game design would thankfully take away from the downtime I’m playing Game of War. The appeal is finally wearing off, probably because the advances I need are measured in days, not hours and I’m seeing people with comparable strongholds dropping way too much cash to earn gold, troops, and advances.

Without a game to run for Cold Wars, I simply need to touch up and pack up my gnomes, particularly the 1st California Imperial Guard. 

I’m also behind in prepping my material for the next Call of Cthulhu session. The boys landed straight into the hornet’s nest, and I hope a few visitors can make it on the 22nd so they can be the cavalry so they have a fighting chance. Worst case, it might be a good time for Bob to start up Delta Green or Horror on the Orient Express.

The store move at Emerald Vale Games seems to be progressing smoothly, although there still are a few boxes waiting to be unpacked and the Axis and Allies game I complained about previously is still sitting on a table smack dab in the middle of the sales floor. The game should take an afternoon, not weeks. I’m also not a fan of some of the “friends” of the store. The one person, a Heroclix aficionado, drops the f-bomb while ordering food more often than most shows on HBO. I had complained about the same issue early on, and I’ve never interacted with him, but he’s acting as an ambassador of the store, and the store (hopefully) does not deserve that.

I did decide to rebuild the Kird Ape deck of yore, and dollar Regrowths at the store facilitated that. Outside a Fork, a Berserk, and some form of Dual Lands, it should be done in a relatively inexpensive manner over a few weeks. 

Now that I’m caught with Walking Dead and Agent Carter (and Avengers was on FX this weekend), I should be able to straighten up the basement, clear up my area in the study, and surprisingly enough, type up Part Five of our Masks campaign. After that, I expect a haphazard return to The Burning Trogs actual play write-ups and a lot more minis getting painted.

 A man can dream…

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