Sunday, March 1, 2015

Amphibious OGRE? *shudder*

As if a hunk of cybernetic lead known as a 1/285 scale Ogre isn't scary enough, the idea of naval warfare and Ogres doing amphibioius assualt just forced me to change my pants.

Compiling this goodness from a thread over at TMP, Super Galactic Dreadnought found some 1/350 scale boats that look great for Ogre coastal defense. 

Apparently a company named Old Crow has made amphibious vessels for such a scale, but they've sort of disappeared. 

As if that wasn't awesome enough, here's a D-Day inspired attack:

"Simple" things like this make me realize that I should have stockpiled Ogre minis in the 90's

1 comment:

  1. My amphibious assault won't be nearly as massive as that one in the picture. The LCAC models I purchased won't fit superheavies or mobile howitzers. Also, since Old Crow is currently not selling, I don't know of any model I could convert into an Ogre transport. But I'll keep looking!