Monday, March 16, 2015

Even More Bob Olley Scrunt Kickstarter Goodness

Bob Olley posted a few more pics of the figures for his upcoming Scrunt Kickstarter:

What type of army using diving suits in combat?  Are they fighting Deep Ones???

Concept art for the German Colonial SeaBattalion as done by James Olley

I'm extremely excited for SeaBattalion figs and I may have to swear off Kickstarters until the end of the year.

EDIT:  I did get to see some of the data on his Kickstarter page.  If the prices stand true, most of the Scrunt units will run about $76 with, I'm guessing here, roughly $14 to ship outside the UK.  Lucky for me the SeaBattalion unit will run only $62 or so...

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