Thursday, March 26, 2015

(Kickstarter) Armies of the Scrunt Empire is Live!

Bob Olley's Armies of the Scrunt Empire Kickstarter is offically live and has almost made it's initial goal.

It seems to be a theme with the Scrunt Kickstarters that everything I want always has a catch to it.   The only figures I'm interested in are the Prussian Colonial Marines, and not only do they not get unlocked until the fourth stretch goal, they're an add-on only with variable pricing based on intial Pledges (Price to pledge levels of £52 or less: £42 UK, £45 EU, £48 Rest of World- ADD-ON price for Pledge levels of £104 or more is £42 worldwide).     Thirteen figures for $73 sounds a bit much, especially since I found another kickstarter launching next Tuesday that will run a month, rather  than 18 days of this one. 

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