Monday, March 30, 2015

The Recovery Begins

After two weeks of stomach bugs wrecking havoc through the house, and annoyingly lingering with me waay too long, the weekend finally got things straightened out, at home and my GI tract.

After a Saturday of massive house cleaning, and a run to the beer store for the first time in months, we invited some friends over for pizza, beer, and a giant playdate with four screaming girls.   With only snowflake flurries in the air, this nightmare of winter is almost over.

Sunday, I got a reprieve from yet another kid's Easter egg hunt, and actually gamed!  We only had Bob (Dr Bob), Aaron (Anthony Parks), and Nichols (a belly dancer?), but the Masks of Nylarathotep campaign advanced to Egypt, where two investigators were lost.  No, perhaps VANISHED FROM THE FACE OF EXISTENCE is a better description.  Time to catch up with the actual plays. 

Dr Bob's got power, and he has no idea how to actually use it....

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