Thursday, April 16, 2015

(Kickstarter) Critter Kingdoms: Anthro Animals Miniatures Line Expansion

I'm a bit disturbed that I Revisited Dark Sword Miniatures earlier this month and I completely missed ( one brought it to my attention) of their Critter Kingdoms: Anthro Animals Miniatures Line Expansion.

As of today, there are five days left to the Kickstarter.  They've easily made their initial goal and plowed through six stretch goals.  The pledge levels are pleasantly cut and dry ($2+ for a donation, $100 (+10 S&H) now nets you 18 figures.  Plus, they are offering two sampler packs as add-ons at over 40% off their retail price.
After going over finances with Mrs Viscount, not only is this not in the realm of possibilities, but I am resigned to keep my Car War Arenas KS where it is.  

 I will be doing a separate post covering the Mouse characters on this KS with individual pictures.   Those look too cool not to pick up after all this is done.

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