Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's Finally Mummy's Day

After screwing up my sleep schedule trying to get back into the swing of painting, I'm happy to say I finally finished up the mummy that belonged to the Windsword Tomb Accessory Pack #1 I posted on Sunday.
Hello?  In one of those jars is my sleep apnea machine.  Can someone get it for me?
The priest (RAFM) and the skeletons (Ral Partha) preparing horrible things for this mummy, were painted around 1999 or 2000, in preparation for my Masterbook Fantasy game the quickly evolved into Hackmaster (Thank Gawd!)

As I'm now a painting speed freak, I also finished up a Scorpion (Ral Partha) that I've owned for at least two decades and never did more than paint it... orange?

I do have to admit that I hit it pretty harshly with the sealer.  I like shiny minis, but I wanted the scorpion to be REALLY shiny.
The scoprion vs a Reaper Priest (Pictors Studios around 2001), unknown Mexican (painter unknown), and Brigade Games Union Gnome
And just to prove to my loyal readers that I'm actually painting and have a multi-tiered queue to handle it, a quick snapshot of the "busy third" of my workbench: 
All 26 Mechs (Intro Set plus two more) have at least a base coat on them.  The trucks are priority number one, as they're needed for Father's Day.    I'll be finishing up the OGRE Paneuropean Howitzer set next, and will slowly paint the 'mechs, one painting group at a time.    After that, we'll continue Operation: Tom Sawyer, slapping some paint of the Swiss, moving to some goblins/Martians, and all the while, slipping in some lead from the giant pile of figures that dominates the middle third of the workbench.

The far third is beyond hope... for now.


  1. What a nice, clean, organized work space! I'm envious! My looks like more like something seen on a rerun of Sanford & Son!

  2. After I snapped the picture, I actually color-coordinated all the paints