Friday, June 26, 2015

(Kickstarter) Dwarven Samurai Cavalry by Forelorn Hope

After successfully completing their Dwarven Samurai Kickstarter, Forelorn Hope Game has launched their second campaign, Samurai Dwarves Mounted on Ki-Rin

I would normally recommend poo-pooing sketch only Kickstarters, but the sculptor behind this is the one and only Bob Olley, so I don't forsee any problems.

The real test was the price, and I was pleasantly surprised.  A pledge for a unit of six is roughly $50 with shipping.   Compared to the Brigade Games Japanese Komodo Dragon Cav at $65.00, it's a bargain, but do remember that those Komodo Dragons are HUGE hunks of metal.  The Brigade gnomes are bigger, more metal, but are about fifty cents cheaper per fig. 

The Kickstarter ends July 26th.

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