Friday, June 26, 2015

OGRE Howitzer Battery

The great pile of lead (and plastic... and some resin...) has moved!!!

It took a late night (and too much iced tea... that's what my excuse for the shaky line work) but I finished the Howitzer Battery and Mobile Artillery Troop (PanEuro Set 6) for OGRE that I picked up at Cold Wars.

If they ever see the light of day on a battlefield, it will be for Battlech, but I do like these versus the the cumbersome Long Toms that look like mobile ballistic missile carriers, but have the range of a backyard catapult. 
Paint scheme is one of the Skye Rangers units under House Steiner. 
I realized that (beyond quality brushes + late night caffeine = still poor line painting) I should have picked up the other two boxes at Wally's Basement when I had the chance.    The fellow was selling them around retail and I could have easily haggled five bucks off the trio.  Checking these out on Warehouse 23, the Eisenfaust Mobile Howitzers are $12.95 apiece and the Arquebus Howitzers are $14.95 each!  If I can't find any on the convention circuit, I might be interested in snagging up some GEV and infantry from W23,

I also realized that I'm seven minis  (4 teddy bears 3 chupacabras) and five palm trees away from painting everything I purchased at Cold Wars!  None of those are on this week's docket, but it is a matter of pride to not just throw  more lead onto the pile. 

Next up on ViscountEric's Painting Bench: The mech's for the first faction of Battletech are creeping closer to completion, a couple gnome rehab, and some Mordheim (!) on deck...

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