Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Painting Progress in ViscountEric's Kriget Rum

The puppies are eating solid food, Maja doesn't have homework for the last two weeks of school, and I just began to feel better. 

Quick, to the basement!!!

While Maja was in a do-or-die checkers tutorial with my wife, I disappeared downstairs to feed the cats and organize the workbench, Millie in tow.  We have had numerous tornado watches this week, but they should have been for snow and ice.

Paint touched a brush, which then touched a mini. Repeat, then rinse when finished.

The first giant pile of lead was touch-ups and repairs on my Second Samoan War minis.  Between the playtests, Cold Wars, Mepacon, and the move, the Samoans in particular got beat up pretty good.   I still have a full unit of spearmen that are missing weapons, but as I move from box to box, everything will get reattached.   Between the Samoa figs, some fantasy touch-ups, and flocking a few  miscellaneous bases,  150 minis got hit with sealer and stored away correctly.  These don't count towards my piddly production this year, but it's a victory for me nevertheless.

I also assembled a bunch of the O-Scale Plasticville houses.  I kept the roofs separate pieces, and I'm missing chimneys for two of them, but we'll get those updated at the next train show.  I still plan on converting one for the British Consulate outside Apia, Samoa, but not timetable as of yet.

For my last act, I started assembling the OGRE Miniatures Howitzer boxed set.  Everything was clean and I just needed to attached the satellite dishes earlier than 1am. 

The girls cleaned their rooms, so I permitted a painting session for this evening.    I just finally got some time to go onto Camo Specs for some Battletech Paint schemes, and yes Millie, I found you a legitimate reason to paint a whole bunch of mechs pink.    I also learned that the Periphery Star Guard scheme is waaaay beyond cool.

Next on the Bench:  Base-Coating some Battlemechs, Egyptian artifacts, and perhaps some Martian archers.

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