Saturday, June 27, 2015

Random Notes and Rants

Just a few things about life, liberty, and the pursuit of Kickstarters.
  • My wife's van is driving us crazy.  Putting 70,000 miles on it in three years seems to have caused some wear and tear indicative of the infamous "Check Engine Light."  After another trip to the garage it's running phenomenally better, but what showed up after Maja's basketball practice?  That light is like a disowned member of the family.
  • Between birthday parties, Millie's preschool graduation, dance recitals, twice weekly basketball practices, and play practice, Maja is the shy social butterfly, and we have zero time for much else (the trips to garage also help us from doing anything else).  I finally cut my grass this week for the first time since Memorial Day.   June officially sucks.
  • The painting continues in the Kriget Rum.  Still dealing with the late start times, but we're making some headway. 
  • The foster puppies are officially big enough to be annoying, although they have figured out the number one step of getting housebroken. 
  • Golden Goblin has officially released the pdf for De Horrore Cosmico for backers.   Downloading it was quick and easy, and the ad for the Tales of the Caribbean Kickstarter makes me giddy.
  • RAFM got over 100 shipments out in the first week for their CoC 7th Edition Minis Kickstarter.  I give them another month before I can start painting up some more Pulp figs... and a shoggoth.
  • Cubicle 7 has launched their Kickstarter for World War Cthulhu: Cold War.  Almost fifty bucks after shipping & handling for something I'll never use?  I'll pass.
  • Flying Buffalo almost had me on it's Nuclear War 50th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter until I found out that it was $42 with shipping.  I've actually never owned a copy of Nuclear War, and a comprehensive edition (expansions included) is a great idea.  I may need to revisit this one before is concludes on August 3rd. 
  • After Steve introduced me to the Tiny Epic line of games, I'm intrigued by the Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call and 2nd Edition Kickstarter.   Cheap point of entry and shipping is reasonable ($2 for one set in the US)
  • While I survive a painfully tedious and  boring week at work, I've continued listening to The Gaming Grunts recording of Masks.  It's been enjoyable in their one-hour lunch recordings, but I swear I know the French "Doctor" just by the tone of his voice and his speech mannerisms.  Does anyone know the location of where the grunts gamed from? 
  • Thanks to a "great" review on Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff about Horror Express, and the unfortunate passing of Christopher Lee, I managed to DVR the movie from TCM and watch it overnight in a fit of insomnia.   It is simply magnificent, something just a bit more bloody than I could find on Saturday afternoons when I was a kid.    Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, with Spaniards playing the roles of Russians without changing their accents, and TELLY SAVALAS as a Cossack Captain. 
The Countess:  "I'll have you sent to Siberia!"
Captain: "Madam, we ARE in Siberia!"
  • Sunday is our next session of Masks.  I plan on some cool things happening, but nothing as cool as Cossack Captain Telly Savalas.
The next Golden Goblin Kickstarter..... 9/9/2015 .... Squee!

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