Monday, June 29, 2015

Reaper Bones III Preview

As the days creep closer to next Reaper Kickstarter, someone has finally thrown us some "Bones."

It's funny cause it's true!  

Someone on the Reaper Boards posted a picture of the core set, the $100 pledge that historically has grown to a pile of rubberized plastic that most people will never get close to finishing.  The first thirty figures are...

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Not much interests me, save the dog and the pack mule, if I didn't head six metal ones from Brigade Games.  The rest are the run of the mill fantasy characters everyone BUT me goes ga-ga over.

I do have to laugh at the nay-sayers who complain about the quality of minis your getting for $100 and then link to the the recent Dark Sword KS.   Even as the minor Reaper complainer that I am, that's like comparing a boutique bag of rare Ethiopian limes with bushels of apples, and an entire truck of apples after that.  Remember, negative people, if they only reach a (reported) $20,000 initial goal (200 of these pledges effectively) they begin to go down the road of stretch goals to balloon the Core Set to possibly 100+ figs.

For me?  I'll see what add-ons are offered, even if I am at the distant end of the shipping cycle.

Update 7/7/2015:  The campaign is launched and I talk about the first hour here.

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